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Company history

Founded as "Mutzhas Neon" in Munich in the 1930s, the Essen plant for the production of special fluorescent tubes opened in 1968 with workers from the former Osram plant.

In addition to the energy-saving lighting system that has been deployed since 1996 with such great success, other advanced technological production processes include the manufacture of the patented Slimline System for electronic control gear (with an efficiency rate of 100 lumens per watt).

Our philosophy

Mutzhas makes individual lights and lighting systems for any conceivable application – i.e. exactly to customer requirements for the purpose at hand. In that process, Mutzhas always produces in-house, under its own management, using its own equipment and subject to the highest quality controls.

The outcome? Custom-made discharge lamps of superlative quality, in any diameter and with any spectral property. Moreover, the performance standard at Mutzhas is this: we assume from the very beginning that the optimum is possible – and turn it into the reality of user-oriented lamps in a functional design and elegant form according to customer specs. That's how Mutzhas brings light to even the most difficult challenges. You can rely on Mutzhas to come up with the right solution.


Since 1998, we have been working on a research project into the operating behaviour of fluorescent lights with coiled filament electrodes. The results have frequently been put into everyday practice – impressive proof of the value of such research.

The conclusion

Custom-made discharge lamps of unrivalled quality. Diameters, forms and spectral properties are just what the customer ordered. At Mutzhas, we see the best as a performance standard. Our special lamps combine function and design with elegance and user benefit.