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Technical drawings today are still suitable for simple shapes and designs. An example of this is the work we did for the Parion Insurance company building in Cologne, work which started life as a drawing.

The rotunda in the foyer hovers, as it were, on a "cushion of light" consisting of a ring of cold cathode tubes which span the base as a line of light. In addition, a second ring of high-output cathodes floods the stairwell beneath it with light and so boosts that hovering effect.

All of which came about via a simple drawing. To define the circular arc, we only needed the included angle, the radius and the length of the neon tube. In fact, we could have proceeded with the radius and arc length alone. But whatever the approach, we will consult with the customer to decide which is the most suitable gas mixture and agree on the exact light effect.

A note about data delivery

Simply send us your drawing via e-mail in pdf, jpg or tiff format – or by post.