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Willkommen bei Mutzhas Produktions GmbH
Welcome to Mutzhas Productions GmbH

Mutzhas LeuchtröhrenMutzhas: the leading lights

We make lighting systems of the highest quality precisely to customer specification. The tubes are available in any shape, size or colour. We can also implement your design.

Mutzhas sets the standards for showing things in the best light!

As the successor company to the Osram Special Lamps Factory based in Essen, Germany, we have had in-depth experience in the manufacture of special lights since 1930.

Our strengths

•    Customised products and design lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications.
•    Efficiency of approx. 100 lumens per watt.
•    Special light spectrums according to customer specification.


•    Seamless cold cathodes
•    Seamless hot cathodes
•    Seamless energy saving tubes T5 and T8